Climate Dice Climate Dice

Climate Dice

Keep Your Imagination Rolling!

Climate Dice is an engaging storytelling dice game that inspires players to (RE)imagine a better life on planet Earth!

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About Climate Dice

Climate Dice is a storytelling dice game with a climate change theme.

It’s a fun way to help children learn about climate change and environmental issues, and to empower them to (RE)imagine an alternative better future. A future where they can transform the climate crisis threats into new possibilities and opportunities for change.

It’s a great tool to talk to children about climate change safely, to support eco- anxiety and enable them to discuss their fears and hopes for a better world.

With every set of Climate Dice you buy online, we will send one set of dice to you, and another set to a school in a remote area of the world. We estimate this will reach hundreds of children and empower them to dream and re-imagine an alternative better future. A future they own and live, in peace and harmony with everyone on this planet.

How It Works

Playing the game is simple.​
Climate Dice Climate Dice

#ClimateDice is designed in a way to boost the player’s imagination and to empower them to (RE)imagine an alternative better future. 

There are 42 images in total, addressing almost any topic related to sustainability, climate emergency and imagination!


Take turns and roll the Climate Dice!

Look at the pictures that land face up.


Use the pictures and your imagination to make up a story.

Put yourself in the story to make it even more fun!

Step: 3

Make sure your story has a happy ending, then share it with the other player(s).

Let’s all imagine a brighter future!

Why Climate Dice?

Because it's fun!

Everyone loves stories, especially children, and Climate Dice is all about stories.

Because it's inclusive.

Everyone can join in with Climate Dice. There are no age limits, no right or wrong answers and it’s easy to play.

Because it's flexible

Climate Dice can be played anywhere, by any number of people, for any length of time.

Because it's sustainable

Climate Dice is all about sustainability, so it’s no surprise that those values extend to the product itself. The dice are made of sustainable wood, the pouch is made of bamboo and there is absolutely no plastic anywhere, even in the packaging.

Because it's informed

The new version of Climate Dice is the result of a development process over many months. We have listened to users, conducted surveys and consulted with experts in the field of educating children about climate change. That’s why we call it Climate Dice (RE)imagined!

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What People Say About Climate Dice

Who We Are

The #ClimateDice campaign has been developed through a collaboration between Plan-V and MindYourFootprint. We’re a small group of grown-ups with big dreams and bright imaginations. We exist to support and educate young people who are passionate about their planet by giving them the tools to explore environmental issues. This will empower them to imagine a more positive world, so that they can change things for the better.

For over a decade,

we’ve been working with schools to provide free children’s activity packs and resources. We understand that sustainability education can be challenging, so we’ve created an educational model that makes it easier to translate complicated sustainability and social issues into entertaining engaging activities, using a fun game.

Our resources are designed to empower children to (RE)imagine an alternative, better future, showing how their daily choices affect the world around them and how they can make a difference through their decisions. Children love what we do because our dreams are closer to theirs, so we work with pupils who – like us – believe that anything that can be imagined is possible.

Together, we’re all working to make the world a better place.

Climate Dice Climate Dice
Climate Dice Climate Dice

Who we work with

Climate Dice is all about (RE)imagination, so when we designed our new version, we used the same process to make it even better. That’s why we like to call it Climate Dice (RE)imagined! The design and resources are the result of extensive consultation with experts in the field of educating children about climate change and how to address the increasingly apparent issue of eco-anxiety in young people. But that’s not all. The new version is just as much fun as ever.

We are extremely grateful to:

  • Rachel Musson, Director of ThoughtBox for her invaluable support in producing our Teachers’ Guide to Climate Dice
  • Kit Marie Rackley, Climate science educator and ex-Geography teacher  for her significant contribution to the ‘Handle With Care’ section of our guides, identifying issues that may contribute to eco-anxiety
  • Jo McAndrews, psychotherapist and environmental campaigner, for her profoundly important advice for parents and family members on talking to their children about climate change in a safe and supportive way.

We would also like to acknowledge the importance of others, who may not have contributed directly but whose work and support has helped and guided us along the way:

  • Caroline Hickman, of The University of Bath and The Climate Psychology Alliance
  • Harriet Shugarman, Executive Director of ClimateMama and author of the award-winning book ‘How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change.

For every set of dice you buy online we donate a set to a school in remote areas of Global South.

Our vision is to empower every child on this planet so they can (RE)imagine a better future.
Here is an example of how they have been used.

Form 3
Would you like to nominate a school to get a free set of #ClimateDice?

The Learning Theories Behind Our Game

According to research, including that undertaken by Dr. Bruce Lipton, we use our conscious mind only 5% of the time, while the remaining 95% of our life is controlled by our subconscious. Our subconscious is programmed in the first seven years of our lives. To make learning about the world more interesting for children, we developed the 6E model – Entertain, Engage, Educate, Explore, Experiment and Empower. Our 6E model is our way to educate children, very gently, while they are having fun. We’ve tested our 6E model for over a decade in many schools, both directly and indirectly through a number of programmes, such as Eco-Schools and Green Schools. Our results have been hugely encouraging. 

Through our games,

children learn about social and environmental issues, such as biodiversity, transport, energy, water, waste, litter, healthy lifestyles, endangered animals, global citizenship, marine health and ocean plastic, peace, health and wellbeing etc. By playing our games, they learn how every decision that they make in life affects the environment and life of others on planet Earth. It is this learning that shapes their subconscious. In other words, they become eco-subconscious citizens of Earth and can play their part in making positive change happen.

Climate Dice Climate Dice
Climate Dice Climate Dice

Climate Dice And SDG

Climate Dice supports ALL United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Every single one of them. They link up with the goals through either the images used on the dice or, the way the campaign has been developed and is being managed.

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