Here you will find the answers to all sorts of questions about the game of Climate Dice.

What are the ideas behind it, how can it help our children navigate the uncertain future with a positive outlook? All this and more, so do take a look!


Most frequent questions and answers
What's Climate Dice all about?

Climate Dice were developed to help teach children about climate change in a fun way. That’s still the case, but our most recent version puts more emphasis on the issue of eco-anxiety in children and the need to help them maintain a positive attitude. Visit our Zones for detailed advice from our experts.

Is the issue of climate change too serious to be fun?

Absolutely not! The one rule when playing with Climate Dice is that there must be a positive outcome (or happy ending if you’re playing with younger children). Yes, there is a serious theme, but children can use the images to transport themselves wherever their imagination takes them, and move very gently towards an understanding of climate change as they develop.

What is eco-anxiety?

Eco anxiety is defined by the American Psychological Association as: ‘Heightened mental, physical and/or emotional distress in response to changes in the climate.’ Sadly, evidence shows that more and more children and young people are becoming anxious about the future of our planet. 70% of the 3,000 young people aged 12 – 18 years who were surveyed by Save the Children in 2022, said they were worried about the world they will inherit. For more information and expert advice about how to talk to children about climate change, visit either of our Zones

How do I prevent my children becoming anxious about climate change?

There is no short answer to this question, but playing with Climate Dice is a safe way to start. For more detailed advice, go to our Schools Zone or Parents/Carers Zone as appropriate and follow the links from there. We have worked with experts in the field both in developing Climate Dice and in producing the advice on the website.

Isn't it better to let children be children?

It would be lovely if children never had to worry about the future of the planet, but we can’t protect them from what is happening right in front of their eyes. It’s on the news, they will learn about it in school and they will see the ever-increasing consequences both in the UK and worldwide.  Playing with Climate Dice helps to prepare children for this uncertain future, to allow them to explore their hopes and fears in a safe space and to develop a positive and solution-focussed mindset.

Is Climate Dice a sustainable game?

Yes, Climate Dice are made from entirely sustainable materials. The dice themselves are made from sustainable wood and the pouch is made from bamboo. There is no plastic anywhere, even in the packaging.

Is Climate Dice an intergenerational game?

Yes, Climate Dice is absolutely perfect for bringing the generations together. Grandparents love to play with their grandchildren and Climate Dice offers each of the generations within a family the chance to add their own contribution to the stories. Written down or recorded, these stories can provide precious memories of time spent together.

Does Climate Dice make a good sustainable gift?

Absolutely! If you are looking for a way to bring your family together with a fun game for all ages, Climate Dice makes an ideal gift. At the same time, it provides a safe and supportive opportunity to discuss the issue of climate change and address eco-anxiety and it’s entirely sustainable.

Is Climate Dice a good Christmas game?

Yes, Climate Dice is a great Christmas game. Firstly, at such a reasonable price and compact size, it’s ideal to fit in a Christmas stocking, and not only for children! Climate Dice can be played by adults too. Secondly, it’s a great game to be played by all generations and there are no screens so nobody is left out. It’s a truly intergenerational game that everybody will love to play. What better way to bring the whole family together for some Christmas fun?


Where can I read more Climate Dice stories?

In our Story Hub! We’d love everyone to share their Climate Dice stories. That’s why we created our Story Hub, where you can read a range of stories for inspiration and fun. We’ll keep adding to it, so keep sending them!

Can I share our Climate Dice stories?

Yes please! We would love to read your climate change stories and see how you and the children you play with are (RE)imagining a more hopeful future.  Providing everyone is happy for you to do so, you can submit stories to us or share them on social media, or both. We include at least one story per week in our Story Hub.

Why share Climate Dice stories?

It’s all about countering eco-anxiety and building a positive mindset. The more stories that are shared, the more empowered our children will be and the more comfortable we will all become to discuss the challenges of climate change in a positive atmosphere. And don’t forget that everyone loves stories!

Why do you donate sets of Climate Dice to schools in the global south?

We guarantee to donate a set of Climate Dice for every order generated via our website because we want to empower children all over the world, to (RE)imagine a brighter future. We keep a careful record of all orders, and send batches of Climate Dice to our contacts abroad at intervals. We rely on our contacts to distribute the sets in the most effective way to ensure they are used.

How do I nominate a school in another country to receive a free set of Climate Dice?

We’d love to receive your nomination. We are always looking for schools that would welcome the chance to empower their students to (RE)imagine a more positive future for our planet. All you have to do is complete the form on our homepage and we’ll do the rest.

Is there an online version of Climate Dice?

Not yet, but we are working on the Climate Dice app and it will be released during 2024.

What if I have more questions about Climate Dice?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Complete our online form, contact us direct at or @ClimateDice on social media and we’ll do our very best to answer your question.

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