How to play with Climate Dice: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

If you're already familiar with previous versions of Climate Dice, or if you've used standard storytelling dice you'll have a head start. Here are a few questions to get everyone up to speed.


Most frequent questions and answers
How do you play with Climate Dice ?

It’s really simple. One person throws the dice and looks at the images that land face up. They use those images to make up a story and tell that story to the rest of the players. There’s only one rule: the story must have a positive outcome.

We recommend that stories begin with the words ‘One day I was ….’ to encourage children to put themselves in the centre of the story and begin to think of themselves as someone who can make things happen.


What age is Climate Dice suitable for?

We always say that anyone can play with Climate Dice. If you’re playing in a family group with children of different ages, even very young children can help to throw the dice (bearing in mind the dice are small enough to fit in a baby’s mouth, so with appropriate supervision). You can provide as much support as is necessary to help younger children make up a story, or you can turn the whole thing into a shared story. That’s the wonderful thing about Climate Dice. It’s so flexible, you can use it to suit any kind of group.

Does Climate Dice come with instructions?

Yes, there are instructions inside the pouch. They will provide you with enough information to get started. But don’t forget to scan the QR code for access to this website and the huge amount of support and advice it offers.

Do I need a lot of knowledge about climate change to play Climate Dice?

No! You can play Climate Dice with little or no knowledge of climate change. The purpose of the game is to provide a safe space for difficult ideas to be explored. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the answers, but you can find plenty of supporting information in our Zones to supplement your own knowledge.

What if children ask questions I can't answer while playing Climate Dice?

Be honest. Explain that you’re not an expert and you may not always know the answers. Indeed, even the experts don’t have all the answers. Tell them it’s ok to be worried, but it’s always helpful to talk about your worries and you’re there to listen.

Do stories have to be about climate change?

No! As the adult playing with children, it’s entirely up to you when and how you introduce the issue of climate change. If you prefer to let the children use the images without any explanation, that’s fine. We believe that both parents and teachers know their children best. When you’re ready to start introducing issues relating to climate change, don’t forget to visit our Schools Zone or Parents/Carers Zone. Alongside a range of other advice, you will find a set of downloadable tables containing background information about each of the 42 images.

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